Transit Circulator Best Practices (1/2)

Choosing viable transportation options for everyday activities is a big step in decreasing an individual’s carbon footprint and leading a more sustainable lifestyle. Every day, people opt to use public transit, ride a bicycle, or carpool to decrease their carbon footprint. In many cases, though, an individual’s ability to practice sustainable transportation can only be […]

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Transit Circulator Best Practices (2/2)

Public transportation is a critical service for residents and visitors alike, no matter where they are located. In suburban areas like Peoria, small neighborhood circulators like Peoria on the Go (POGO) can serve an even more important role by providing access to vital services or connecting to larger transit systems. Robust public transit is also […]

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Transit Messaging: Crafting Messages

As a continually growing city, Peoria strives to provide its residents with innovative and robust services. As one of the leading communities in sustainability, Peoria has driven sustainability forward with the expansion of its public transit services and recycling education programs. Peoria has launched various initiatives of its services, including the launch of the Peoria […]

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