#2021EPICN | Schedule

Last updated: 11:23 PM CT 1/3/22

Finding Recordings and Resources from Sessions

Find the recordings and resources shared during the event now on the EPIC-N Member Commons at this link (you’ll need an EPIC-N Member Commons account to view).

Joining Conference Sessions – Click Here

To join one of the conference sessions click here to go to the Whova platform where zoom links and participant engagement activities are located.

For instructions on how to use the Whova Web App or download the mobile app click here for instructions.

Need technical assistance? Email info@epicn.org with your request. If you are unable to get immediate assistance call 1-608-709-8644.

Schedule Overview

Please note that if you use the add to my calendar button on the right hand side of the schedule please check the timezones as it is added. We’ve had some problems with this Whova feature. The conference sessions will take place between the hours of 9:00 AM CT and 1:00 PM CT.

The EPIC-Network Conference Planning team are working hard to fill in the schedule and speaker details. As soon as additional details are finalized they will be updated here and on the Whova platform under “Agenda”.