Resources for Students

Students participating in programs across the network can now start to benefit from one another. This resource guide will compile some of the exemplar resources designed by programs to support students, and exemplar artifacts designed by students to support communities. More examples will be included for member programs in the EPIC-N Toolbox. Student PowerPoint Presentation […]

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Building Partnerships, RFPs, MOUs, Scopes, and Contracts

Following the EPIC Model means building real partnerships between communities and universities. To do so EPIC programs generally rely on an RFP and contracting process. Request for Proposal The University of Oregon’s request for proposal helps community partners indicate they are invested in a big way. Download the example here. Partnership Agreement Contract Programs use […]

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Resources from EPIC-N

The Educational Partnerships for Innovation in Communities – Network (EPIC-N) provides varied resources, on different terms, to those beginning an EPIC program. Take a look at the resources below and email if you have any questions or problems accessing them. Free Resources Available to Anyone Start Up Toolkit – EPIC-N has collected artifacts from […]

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Resources for Faculty

EPIC programs are successful at increasing community engagement efforts by universities because they take the increased administration load off of faculty. To do that, programs develop resources for faculty. Here are a few examples. Guide for Faculty Some faculty are new to community engagement. This resource from Indiana University helps faculty learn about the program’s […]

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Project Management Tools

Project Tracking Tool – Lite Version – Template This template can help organize some of the countless details program managers have to juggle while working with university and community stakeholders. Become an EPIC-N member to access the full version of this resource. Click here to access the lite version of this tool. Measuring Success Community […]

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EPIC-N Membership Details

What does EPIC-N membership mean for universities? Download this file to learn more about the different resources provided to the general public and to EPIC-N members. If you’d like to join the EPIC-Network as a full member visit to register. Contact support staff about membership by emailing or calling 608-709-8644. […]

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