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Metro Transit, MN – 2020 Outstanding Community Partner Award Finalist

Kelly Morrell at Metro Transit, Minnesota is one of the 2020 Outstanding Community Partner Award finalists!

Every year, EPIC-N celebrates outstanding contributions by university programs and community partners through the 2020 EPIC-N awards.

Kelly Morrell is the partnership liaison at Metro Transit for the Sustainable Communities Partnership (SCP) program at the University of St. Thomas. Metro Transit, a service of the Metropolitan Council, is the “transportation resource for the Twin Cities, offering an integrated network of buses, light rail and commuter trains as well as resources for those who carpool, vanpool, walk or bike.”

Throughout their three-year partnership, Kelly has worked across Metro Transit divisions to develop projects that improve services for diverse constituents in the Twin Cities as well as Metro Transit’s internal operations.  She collaborates with SCP to integrate these projects into courses across disciplines to enrich student learning through applied problem solving.

Kelly goes above and beyond expectations to continue to enrich projects and student learning beyond the course partnerships. For example, she collaborates with SCP to share project results with the Twin Cities community in innovative ways. Kelly shepherded through the Metro Transit Green Line Earth Week light rail train wrap in collaboration with SCP Arts. The train wrap conveyed Leadership for Social Justice students’ key research findings about the importance of transit in people’s lives.  It was up from April 22, 2019 – September 2019.  (Artwork by SCP Artist-in-Residence Sarah Nelson.)

Kelly also co-presents with SCP at conferences and is a champion for the partnership in the Twin Cities area and beyond. Kelly is tireless in her commitment to public transit and working with SCP, students, faculty, and Metro Transit staff to create and implement mutually-beneficial projects that improve the quality of life in the Twin Cities.