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USU Community Bridge Initiative

USU Community Bridge Initiative Profile

Community Bridge Initiative

Utah State University

Center for Community Engagement

Website | https://cel.usu.edu/community/cbi-partnership-program

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The Community Bridge Initiative, offered by the USU Center for Community Engagement (CCE), is a place-based Community Engaged Learning model that enables students to utilize knowledge obtained in the classroom to tackle real-world problems identified by the community. Based on the successful CBI pilot year with Logan City, courses are matched with community-identified projects. Students work with community leaders to define meaningful solutions, develop action plans, and implement projects directly relevant to their course curriculum. As a result, students are given greater depth to their course content and come away with the experience of addressing locally relevant issues. Through this new partnership model, we hope to bridge the gap between the campus and the local community to create a healthier, safer, and more sustainable future for us all. We value each of our community partners and are excited to continue building relationships within the community.

Fun Facts about CBI

We not only partner with Logan City, but also community non-profits. We work with our college town community and do not select a different community/city each year.

Year Program Established | 2015
Country | U.S.
Federal Region of Program | 8

Public or Private Institution | Public
Number of students at institution | 28,118

Highlight Articles/Videos

Community Bridge Initiative Completes Pilot Year!

City Partners

Logan, UT

Contact Info

Kate Stephens
Program Manager
(435) 797-8135