Just Start

Just Start

'Just Start' is a saying that we use all the time and what we are committed to helping you do.  To 'Just Start' is an acknowledgement that there is important work to do and doing it won't be perfect at first, but doing something good is better than doing nothing.  We want to help give you the insight, tools, and confidence to 'Just Start' creating and implementing your own EPIC program that is based on our key elements, but works for your own institutional and community context.

Becoming a member of the EPIC-Network means adopting and adapting the EPIC Model to your institutional and community context. We offer four ways you can learn to do so.  Some existing programs have launched successfully after attending our annual conference or one of our regional workshops, while others benefit from site visits and limited duration technical assistance.  Our goal is to help you launch quickly and successfully and then have you help share successes and stumbles with the network so everyone is improving their impact for our communities, students, and society.

Site Visits

Two-day site visits to a university and surrounding community can be an effective way to build university support for this new model from the President to the student level, but with special focus on speaking with the Dean level, with faculty, and helping likely future program coordinators organize effectively. Site visits can also include meetings with potential community partners to help explain the model and how to be effective partners. Site visits frequently lead to significant program revenue in the first year (e.g. $150,000 by the University of California, Irvine).

Individual and Group Remote Technical Assistance

Universities (or communities) can also contract with us if they want additional technical assistance as they are figuring out how to organize and eventually launch a pilot year program. This assistance can come in the form of ad hoc phone calls and emails to pre-scheduled conference calls.

EPIC-N has several trainers available. For information on customized training, please contact us at epicn@epicn.org

Regional or Customized Conferences

Much of the content and format of the national conference targeted toward the establishment of new EPIC programs can be provided in a shorter workshop that might be more appropriate as a regional gathering or one organized by topic (e.g. sustainability) or constituent (e.g. national organization of city managers). Past regional workshops have taken place in California (hosted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)), in Bonn, Germany (hosted by NSF, ICMA, ICLEI and others), and in Cape Town, South Africa (hosted by the United Nations). If you woul dlike to commission a regional workshop, let us know! Recent regional workshops included:

  1. May 3-4, 2018 - New York City, for interested universities & local governments in US Federal Region 2. Sponsored by the EPA.

  2. July 12-13, 2018 - Santa Barbara, CA, for interested universities and local governments throughout California and part of the CSU or UC systems. In conjunction with CHESC.

  3. November 1-2, 2018 - Tarrytown, NY, EPIC-N and SUNY Applied Learning: A Quickstart workshop to build an EPIC program at your institution.

  4. November 2, 2018 - Spokane, WA, for interested universities and local governments. Hosted by Western Transportation Institute.

Annual Conference

EPIC-N annually holds a three-day conference and workshop each Spring for university representatives, local government officials, and organizational partners who are interested in adopting, adapting, or enhancing the EPIC Model for their home institutions and community contexts. Our next conference is fast approaching. Find more details about the 2019 EPIC-Network Conference in Tampa, Florida. The conference is an excellent way to learn the basics, learn from others, and utilize on-site work sessions to start launching a program by the third day!  Attendees came from colleges and universities of a variety of sizes and from Brazil, Kenya, Zambia, and Mexico, and from all corners of the US from Florida to Massachusetts to Washington to Hawaii to California. See the 2018 Conference Agenda here.

The 8th Annual Conference will take place April 7-10, 2019, and will be hosted by the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. Learn more here.

Request information about any of the training opportunities above to 'Just Start'.
Email us of at info@epicn.org.

It's time to Just Start and become EPIC.