Uniting higher education and communities to improve the places we live.


The idea of connecting university classrooms to real-world problems is not new and there are many successful programs doing this type of work.  It is common for some universities to have multiple faculty engaging in real world projects, but doing so separately and independently from one another and possibly with different municipal partners.  Coordinating such engagement across a university and directing this larger scale of effort to a single city over an entire year radically changes the impact.



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EPIC-N is currently focused on the following four goals:

  1. To actively increase the number of universities and communities implementing the EPIC Framework;

  2. To support and enhance existing EPIC programs through various forms of peer-to-peer learning and support services;

  3. To provide a conduit for new knowledge on selected social and environmental issues to universities and communities;

  4. To alter the national discourse about the role, structure and performance of the nation’s higher education institutions in meeting some of society’s most pressing social problems.